Who are we ?

My Louisette was born from a simple observation: the difficulty in France of finding panties with a different design and at an accessible price.

Louisette was my grandmother's first name. A real little piece of woman, independent and militant for women's rights. It is to pay tribute to him that I decided to baptize my brand as such and above all to finally offer models of period panties that are pretty, comfortable to wear and above all at a low price.

This French brand 🇫🇷 was created in 2020 in Paris, we are a very small team at the moment with a common goal: comfort during menstruation!

Far from a taboo of Made in China, we have selected the best Chinese workshop (in our opinion) to access a know-how that we know well at My Louisette given our attachment to this country.

All our models are designed in France and made in a Chinese workshop that combines quality and fair prices, specializing in the manufacture of lingerie and technical underwear. This workshop uses OEKO-TEX certified raw materials without silver nanoparticles and has the GOTS certification for cotton.

This low price is simply explained by the margin. Indeed, we have reduced our margins to the maximum in order to offer accessible products without compromising on quality

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a short message via the contact form, we will be happy to answer them :)