frequently asked Questions

When you receive your My Louisette briefs, try them on with thin underwear underneath in case you need to send them back to change the size. You have to feel comfortable but it shouldn't yawn, knowing that cotton tends to shrink slightly when washed and you can have a little swollen belly during your period.

Run it in the washing machine before wearing it to remove any traces of dust and above all to optimize its absorption capacity. Then, don't give up on your routine all at once, test it during the day in a reassuring setting and gradually adjust in 2-hour increments to identify the maximum duration of hold that will guarantee you no leaks.

Beyond the hygienic question, good maintenance will increase the life of the product and the whole issue here is not to cook the blood on the one hand and not to alter the absorbent properties of elsewhere and thus reduce the absorption capacity of the panties.

After wearing it, it is advisable to run it under cold water in a sink or directly in the shower, until the water runs clear.

Wash it gently by hand with a non-oily detergent or put it in the washing machine with the rest of the dark laundry at 30°C in a net (if possible) and without fabric softener or bleach. Then leave your panties to dry in the open air and do not put them on a radiator to be able to put them back on more quickly.

No, unlike other brands of panties, My Louisette menstrual panties have a first draining layer in absorbent organic cotton that will quickly absorb the blood so as not to have that unpleasant feeling of humidity that can arrive during the day.

In addition, all our panties are anti-bacterial treated to avoid bad odors.

Absolutely, panties are made to be worn alone. However, if you have very heavy flows or if you are outside and do not feel comfortable, you can wear the panties as a "sanitary pad" in addition to a tampon (to be changed every 4 hours maximum) or a cup, it's up to you! 😉

To feel comfortable at night, we recommend our ultra-absorbent model for heavy flow just here.

Moreover, the simplicity, the comfort and the ecological dimension of this alternative, the economic argument should not be neglected!

Considering that a woman spends on average 5 to 10 euros per month for the purchase of her classic protections, i.e. up to 120 euros per year, that 3 to 5 panties are necessary to turn on a cycle, this small investment pays for itself after a maximum of one year and without counting the hidden costs linked to stained sheets or underwear.