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Good reasons to adopt menstrual panties

Why switch to period panties?

Looking for more hygienic and healthier menstrual protection than disposable tampons and pads? The period panty is an effective innovation that could change your life. Discover the good reasons to adopt it every month.

What are period panties?

Identical at first sight to classic underwear, menstrual panties have the advantage of being able to absorb feminine flows without leaving traces on the outside, or even stain your clothes less. It is composed of an absorbent layer to collect the liquid, and another waterproof layer to prevent leaks.

Menstrual panties are a undergarment that is comfortable, while being discreet. Not very thick, it retains menstruation so that you can put on your tight pants without fear of having marks between your legs. In addition, with this type of protection, you can do your favorite activities without the risk of leaks.

Why are menstrual panties more interesting?

First, menstrual panties are easier and quicker to put on as soon as your first period arrives. If the sanitary napkins confer a risk of bad position, with the panties, this risk is nil, and the installation does not require any specific handling. In addition, it allows great freedom of movement, and to go to the toilet, you just have to lower it and raise it like a classic brief.

The duration of use of a period panty can be up to 12 hours, and it comes in several types, depending on the absorbency, light, medium or abundant. Usable day and night, it guarantees you a peaceful night and sheets that stay clean.

An innovative healthy and ecological solution

1447 hygienic protections are used every second in the world, that is 45 billion in the world. Knowing that these protections will take 500 years to degrade in nature, the calculation is quickly made to take the step towards reusable protection.

Pleasant to wear, menstrual panties allow you to experience your period in the most serene way possible, so that your period days look like a normal day.

Besides that, it was made with non-toxic materials (our cotton is GOTS certified) and chemical-free to avoid any risk of infection, irritation or itching. Therefore, menstrual panties are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, as long as they respect the mucous membrane. Better still, it is an effective and perfectly ecological protection. You won't have to worry about leaks or odors with this protection. It is aimed in particular at women wishing to adopt a responsible consumption approach and reduce the ecological impact.

One more reason to have panties in the drawers 😉

The menstrual panty is a practical and effective solution due to its material that is both absorbent on the inside and waterproof on the outside. Easy to care for, just rinse in cold water easy machine wash, and air dry. Reusable, it saves money compared to conventional protections.

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