Washing tips

Rule #1

Rinse your panties in cold water (if the water is hot, it will "cook" the blood) and until the water runs clear.

Rinsing your menstrual panties well after use will help maximize their lifespan.

Rule #2

Wash your panties in the machine at 30 or 40° maximum and on a delicate cycle and without fabric softener so as not to damage the absorbent fibers during washing or spinning.

The must is to use a washing net 🤗

rule #3

Let your panties air dry. Above all, do not use a dryer or a radiator to speed up drying, this would irreversibly affect the absorbency of the insert in your period panties

little tip

After many uses, your panties may get a little dirty. In this case, don't panic, just soak the panty(ies) in a basin with sodium percarbonate with water at a minimum of 60°C for 3 hours in order to properly cleanse the blood or the dirt accumulated over use 🥳